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Good To Know 

Unlike most internet retailers, Comfort Care Medical can assist new Lymphedema patients in submitting their first claim to their insurance company. We guide our patients in obtaining medical documentation that will support their claim as being medically necessary, and we will provide you with a self-pay price prior to submitting your claim. In the unfortunate event that your insurance company denies your

claim, Comfort Care will assist in helping you file appeals when available. 

​Membership Opportunity

Join our family of top-notch lymphedema therapists and gain access to all of these great benefits:

  • Low Self-Pay Pricing for Therapists

  • In-Services

  • Bandaging

  • Overnight Delivery

  • Special Financing

  • Consultation

  • Training and Education

Call us now at 888.358.1580 to find out how to become a Comfort Care Partner.


Here's A Small Sampling of Some of Our More Popular Compression Products.

Custom 550

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Active Line

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Velcro Wraps

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Good to Know
Cutom 550
Active Line
Velcro Wraps
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